We introduce a new technology for urban cars.

An engine running on compressed air it is mounted in a lightweight car named AirPod the weight is 250kg and it has a capacity for up to 3 persons or 210kg cargo.  It is an affordable, low-cost, environmentally friendly “green” car with a range of up to 140km that is powered by a unique and fully patented compressed air technology.


The AirPod is lighter and significantly less expensive than the cost for a similar size and range EV.  Furthermore the compressed air power system is more simple and has a longer life expectancy than battery technology. It can recharge in four minutes, compared with several hours for electrical cars. A hybrid version with onboard 2-stroke engine and air compressor can enable an almost unlimited low-emission urban range.

AirSolutions will be established by the Norwegian parent company AirSolutions AS as a joint venture development company that will manufacture and sell zero emission vehicles for urban transportation in the Netherlands.  The first production facility will be located in South Netherland


For the realization of the Netherlands we want cooperation with serious players with a focus on the environment .

Want to join us and make history ?